Abbots Bromley Horn Dance

The Horn Dance takes place on Wakes Monday, the day following Wakes Sunday, which is the first Sunday after 4 September. Do hope you are keeping up!  Just to make it simple for you this year (2012) it is September 10th.

The dance starts at 08:00 with a service of blessing in St Nicholas Church, where the horns are housed. The dance begins on the village green, then passes out of the village – but not out of the Parish – to Blithfield Hall owned by Lady Bagot.

The dancers return to the village in the early afternoon, and make their way around the pubs and houses. Finally, at about 20:00, the horns are returned to the church, and the day is completed with a service.

Please note that the room rate for Sunday 9th and Monday 10th September is £125.00 per room per night.

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