Tales from Buttercross

Ok, so I had better start getting a better handle on this blogging malarkey if you are to get a taste of what is happening in the world of ‘Buttercross’.

Bed and Breakfast

 I have to say it has been a pretty full-on  few months, from October to January I was scouring local antique emporiums looking for just the right furniture for the B&B, I didn’t want to go down the ‘corporate hotel’ route – al la Travel Lodge [other cheap, cheerful and faceless hostelries are available]  , or the oh so fashionable ‘boutique’ [whatever that means – in my day it was a little clothes shop that stocked apparel not seen in high street stores, hey ho!]… No, I was looking for individual items that looked as if they held a story. 

 I must admit, I have been in my element, however, what I have seen as a fine piece of furniture or cute crockery ensemble, my delectable other half has sniffily remarked  “ see you’ve got more tat then” – heathen.

 We have some wonderful outlets around Abbots Bromley that are a delight if you are looking for vintage, aged and pre-loved items.  I am proud to say that the only things that I have bought brand spanking new are the beds and linen – everything else has been up-cycled.  I have been bringing tired pieces of furniture and accessories back to life, and if Farrow and Ball [other paint specialists are available] want to throw a few shares my way I think that’s the least they can do for how many pots of paint I have worked my way through – nothing quite so satisfying as a bit of Elephants Breath on your old milking stool I say.

 So we are now open for business yay! – and so far we have had guests from the Isle of Wight, London, Devon and Spain to name a few; and the feedback has all been rather pleasing; I have started to forge partnerships with some local attractions and activities to bring you lucky people some great packages, but more of that next time; how exciting!

 Oh and by the way, we are also open Wed-Sun 1-5pm for Afternoon Tea – so off I pop to beat some scones into submission, do drop by.

 See you soon x

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Buttercross Bed and Breakfast is a strictly NO SMOKING establishment